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How To Get Involved

Stardate 33.2024

While you wait on the Riker Maneuver team to continue discussions with the City of Valdez, you may be asking yourself: "How can I get involved?"

Sign The Petition

You can sign the petition at which is still in need of signatures. Once you sign it, share to social media and ask your friends to sign it.

Write To The City of Valdez

You can write a heart-felt letter to the City of Valdez, Department of Parks & Recreation to support the cause. Poke around the website for details. Ask on the facebook group if you need to. The city will want to know why you support this project, how it could benefit the community, the potential for an annual festival, and whatever else you come up with. Address:

City of Valdez

Department of Parks & Recreation

P.O. Box 307

Valdez, AK 99686

A Riker Maneuver team member all dressed up, 2022.

Starfleet at Comicon

Are you going to comicon soon? Dress accordingly and wear a Starfleet uniform (or Klingon or Borg, etc). We have to start representing our love for Star Trek. Additionally, I want to give a shout out to the Star Trek Costume Guide, which may help you out with uniform corrections.

Where to buy:


We are not to the crowdfunding stage yet. We have to get the city of Valdez to fully be onboard first. Once we open crowdfunding...oh boy! You'll know, especially if you sign up for updates. You can also stay informed by joining the facebook group.


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