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Stardate 176.2024

It feels like we're trapped in a quantum singularity's event horizon (ref: Voyager s01e03). We can see where we need to go, we are almost there, but we aren't there yet.

You all are probably wondering what is going on with the Riker Maneuver.

The Riker Maneuver was part of the recent Valdez City Hall meeting (170.2024). While almost everyone seemed to have a positive air about them [regarding the project], we were asked for a few additional items that city council members would like to see before giving us the final go-ahead. We are quickly trying to collect the information so they have time to look it over before next month's meeting.

We are also meeting and planning regularly so we are prepared for the upcoming approval from the city that will allow us to begin crowdfunding.

Honestly, we could use one or two other crew members to assist. If you have experience with fundraising, gathering sponsorships, grant writing, or marketing, and would like to volunteer some time, please email us.

Tell us a little about you, where you are located, your experience, and why you'd be a good fit.


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