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Image by Jeremy Perkins

In The Media

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Early, W. (2024, February 15). Hometown hero? Valdez may soon get a life-sized statue of a ‘Star Trek’ icon. Alaska Public Media. Alaska Public Media. Retrieved from

NOTE: This article was shared by NPR.

Post, C. (2024, February 23). You may soon be able to visit william riker in his alaskan hometown. Daily Star Trek News. Retrieved February 23, 2024, from

Vigliarolo, B. (2024, February 21). A small alaska town wants a big bronze riker. The Register. Retrieved February 21, 2024, from

Whitbrook, J. (2024, February 22). Riker’s hometown wants to put a perfectly postured statue up in his name. Gizmodo. Retrieved February 23, 2024, from

Flyers & Images

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riker mock up.png

Above: Conceptual mock up.  Below: From the last frontier to the final frontier.

From the last frontier to the final frontier.png
5 x 7 in Flyer.png
5 x 7 in red border.png

Above: 5x7 Flyers.  Below: 3x2 Wallet Size Flyer

3x2 wallet card.png
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