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Image by Jeremy Perkins

Donate Now

Funding the Commander Riker Statue is reliant upon Star Trek: The Next Generation fans like YOU!  Once we start receiving donations, a list of donators will be available on the website.

Help us reach our goal of raising $125,000 to accomplish this incredible project!

In a nutshell, the plan is to:

  1. Secure a location for the Riker Statue.

  2. Secure a "Steward of The Statue", a person or business who is willing to maintain the statue as needed.

  3. Start production of the statue and bench; and, work on a final schedule for the project.

  4. Promote the statue while we wait for production to complete.

  5. Install the statue.

  6. Unveil the Riker Statue and have a city-wide celebration.

DONATIONS can be made starting later in 2024.  Please give us a little time to get things set up and finalized.

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