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Progress is Afoot!

Star date 2023.76.

The Riker Maneuver is about to make some progress. Expect some news over the next month.

What's happened so far?

This project was mentioned to Jonathan Frakes and he got excited about it!

We are meeting with people who can give us the proper approvals to get things rolling. Once we have a few more things in place, we will start accepting donations. Expect a post about donations when the time comes.

The reality of this project is that it's going to take time for the statue itself to be made, like 6-9 months. We want to get the go-ahead ASAP so we can get to fundraising which we can then turn around to getting things paid for. Overall, we're planning on having to raise $125,000.

What else?

Well, once we have all the parts and pieces, we'll get the statue, bench, and plaque installed and have a big unveiling! We might even talk Jonathan Frakes into showing up!

Once we're ready to plan the statue unveiling, we will need the help of local Valdez businesses, other Alaskan businesses wanting to travel to Valdez, and the people. We'll ask people to wear their Star Trek uniforms. We might reach out to local Valdez businesses to participate with Star Trek or Riker themed goods (I mean, he is a big foodie). We might need a jazz band or two. We would also LOVE to see participation from the Alaskan space industry, which is growing.

This would happen in 2024 if things get moving.

We are taking notes on everything, so here is our question to you: What would you want to see at the statue unveilling? A Riker-inspired jazz band? Maybe a demonstration of anbo-jyutsu or a look-a-like competition? Let us know what your thoughts are.

Remember to use the hashtag with your photos to end up on the website on twitter and instagram. #RikerManeuver


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