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The Other Star Trek Statues

Star date 60.2024

The Riker Maneuver decided to cover the other Star Trek statues and what we hope to see in other locations in the future.

There are currently 3 other locations with Star Trek statues:

The cool thing about these locations is that with the statue unveilings started annual Star Trek festivals. These include people in Star Trek uniforms and costumes, 5k races, street fairs, and all kinds of other things devised by the individual cities.

With Commander Riker being such a foodie and always willing to try new things, we would expect AWESOME food (food vendors and even additions to local menus), science and engineering competitions, a presence from the Alaskan space industry, a 5k, a fishing derby, and perhaps an anbo jiutsu demonstration. What do you think?


Vulcan, Alberta, CAN

Riverside, IA, USA

Bloomington, IN, USA

These statues are now key tourist locations for Trekkies. Vulcan, Alberta has embraced Star Trek to the point of now being considered a Star Trek themed city. Iowa and Indiana both have city celebrations for their Trek ties.

Star Trek has inspired technology and hopes for the future since it aired in 1966. This includes cell phones, medical room set ups, hypospray, tricorders, voice command assistant, tablet computers, desktop computers, teleportation (currently only able to teleport small amounts of particles), NASA is currently working on warp technology, telepresence, smart glasses and optical visors, and more. Star Trek even had some real astronauts on the show. It has inspired multiple generations and continues to do so. It's a perfect way to cover ethics, justice, differences in social and cultural ideals, and all while promoting science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts. It's clear that you have to be smart to boldly go where no man has gone before.

The Museum of Science in Boston, MA is planning on installing a statue of the Vulcan salute. Here is a link to the museum's 2021 press release - LINK. This statue project was set up between the Nimoy family and the Museum of Science.

From the press release:

"The “Live Long and Prosper” symbol represents a message that my dad believed so strongly in,” said Julie Nimoy, daughter of the entertainer. “My dad always loved Boston and he would be honored knowing that the Museum of Science would be the permanent home to this memorial. The sculpture not only depicts one of the world’s most recognized and loved gestures for peace, tolerance, and diversity, but it will also be a beautiful tribute to my dad’s life and legacy.”


As Star Trek statues increase, the question of what people would like to see in the future (potential statues) was put out to the Riker Maneuver facebook group. Here's a list from the masses:

  • Zefram Cochrane statue - Bozeman, MT

  • Starfleet statue - San Francisco, CA

  • Captain Benjamin Sisko statue - New Orleans, LA



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