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Valentine's Day

Star date 41.2024

Valentine's Day is coming up in 4 days. We asked the members in the facebook group to help us come up with Commander Riker Valentine's Day Cards. They were happy to oblige! Be sure to keep scrolling for more ways to have a Star Trek Valentine's Day!

Special thanks to fans and card makers!

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Star Trek TNG Cookies

Semi Sweet Designs has a great how-to for making some Star Trek TNG cookies that you can make for Valentine's Day. All you need is your own heart-shaped sugar cookies to get started.

They provide details on making uniform cookies, Worf's uniform, and some Borg cookies.

Star Trek Wine

Wine has always been an adult tradition for Valentine's Day. Why not pick up a bottle of Chateau Picard or Klingon Bloodwine or Andorian Blue Wine? Star Trek Wines has quite the selection of wines. The Andorian Blue Wine is not bad for a fruity (peach, apricot) white wine - which is actually blue. If you try one, please leave a review for others.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!



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